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Dedicated to solving variety of design and data solutions to meet your business needs, I am driven to support local businesses and would be excited to help you find growth potential and optimizations using design, data science and machine learning.


Data can be stored in a variety of ways, the first step is to understand the underlying data structure.


Measure goals and trends against defined KPI's and Business Use Cases to understand the past and current state.


Apply Machine Learning in predictive analytics to grow business and expand revenue streams through custom insights.


Exploration of a variety of industries provides the background for solutions matching the business needs.


Online Articles about Data Science


Data Science Competitions and Projects

Camhi Environmental

Logo and Website Design

Sugarwood Meadow

Logo Design

Esc4pe Room

Promotional Material and Game Design


Fine Arts and Other Personal Projects


Design, data and problem-solving has always been something that has interested me. Located in Burlington, Vermont, for the last 7 years I have worked in software in a variety of industries. From beverage distribution software at VIP to Dealer.com as a Brand Advisor for International clients like Jaguar to grocery eCommerce at MyWebGrocer, each of these experiences taught me the importance of data-driven decision making and creating compelling stories.

Over the years I have taught myself HTML5/CSS (hence the Bootstrap template I am using here), Photoshop and Illustrator for design and painting, and more recently R and Python for data science and machine learning. I have published articles in Medium and led local Data Scientist Meetups to help others. For me the merging of my fine art and design skills into data analysis is a natural progression and reflects the field’s direction in general.


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Kendall Fortney

Data Analytics and Design Consultant

When I am not crunching numbers or working on a design, my dog Sal and I run, hike, bike on the road and trails, kayak, climb, snowshoe, ski, snowboard, paddleboard and occasionally when the waves are big enough I surf on usually a cold Lake Champlain. When it is too miserable to go outside I paint, create digital illustrations or build and paint things like my kitchen table, kayaks and even a paddleboard from scratch. I am always looking for the next challenge and never stop trying to learn.